Your office & industrial moving specialists

Our turnkey relocation solutions are designed to minimize downtime and any disruption to your day to day operations. Consultation and then extensive planning will result in a seamless transition to your new space.

Our project supervisors will walk through your building and survey the work requirements, for each department and area. They will speak with your relocation team or coordinator to understand their concerns.

Your Imlach moving team follows a detailed work plan to maximize efficiency with minimal disruption to your operations.

Once our supervisors meet with your moving team, he will outline a moving plan tailored to your specific time constraints and service needs. Before proceeding, you'll review the plan and the project supervisor will address any concerns. Important elements of the plan include:

  • Protective measures for floors, walls, and elevators
  • Special provisions for fragile items, electronic equipment and artwork
  • Marking and tagging of items for proper placement
  • Determination of which furniture items may need to be emptied before moving
  • The best way to move larger plants and any particularly fragile decorative items

Your crew leader will also discuss a contingency plan in the event of a power outage, elevator failure or other unforeseen problems. Our office moving and industrial relocation experience enables us to adapt quickly to changing conditions and find an efficient solution.

Planning the work and working the plan.

Your signed approval of the moving plan is the green light for work to begin. As we proceed, you'll notice an efficient and well-coordinated approach. Our office movers and industrial relocation teams will:

  • Obtain required permits or authorizations to perform the work.
  • Assign color codes to the new areas for the placement of items.
  • Post a floor plan in a convenient location for workers to reference.
  • Secure entrances and elevators for use during loading and unloading.
  • Provide storage options and arrange for delivery of stored items at a later date.
  • Perform clean-up and finishing services according to the moving plan.

Service you can count on.

Throughout your office move or industrial relocation, Imlach works with efficiency and quality controlled practices. We work according to your schedule whether regular hours, after hours, weekends or holidays. Our professional movers bring clean, well-maintained equipment for reliable service. You can trust the quality of our team - all crew members undergo thorough background checks. Other office moving companies may not provide this assurance.

Warehousing and storage options.

When you need short- or long-term storage, Imlach offers choices. In addition to space in our own secure warehouses, we can provide safe storage in Atlas agency warehouses at 650 locations across the U.S. and Canada.

Choose Imlach.

Your office move or industrial relocation can begin now with a free, no-obligation moving quote. Just contact us to get started.