surveySince 1968, Atlas has annually surveyed corporate relocation professionals to better answer their policies and understand trends that shape the industry.

At Imlach Group, we provide domestic and international relocation services, including move management, that exemplify our dedication to your employees. As an agency of Atlas, we represent a trusted household name in moving; as your trusted partner in relocation, we promise best in class service, an experienced, industry-educated team and the individualized attention you and your employees deserve. You have service choices - we want you to choose Imlach.

Imlach Group specializes in corporate relocation services. We understand the world you live in. We know the steps you take to bring the best employees to your team. We see the steps you take to get employees to accept a relocation. Our job is to make sure the move isn't a concern.

We support your efforts to attract and retain people by approaching every move with sensitivity toward each individual. As your service partner, we know corporate relocation services are a benefit - one of many ways you keep transferees enthusiastic and productive. You can trust our experience and successful corporate partnerships to ensure your employees feel valued within your organization and are treated as such during the relocation process.

  • Policy Development & Management

  • Comprehensive relocation management services including expense tracking and reporting.
  • Guaranteed price level.
  • Non-binding agreements that do not restrict use of multiple van lines.
  • Free or reduced cost Valuation Protection on shipments.
  • Performance based discount level option.
  • Specific delivery date ranges and claims settlement guidelines.
  • Option to extend benefits to retirees or other employees on a C.O.D. basis.
  • No additional estimates - the price and service guidelines are pre-set.

  • Expert Move Management

  • A designated "Move Manager" responsible for leading our service interactions with your company and all transferees.
  • Single point of communication with transferee eliminates inefficiencies and promotes personalized service.
  • Move Managers take responsibility for the details.
  • Team members - in the office and at the job site - work together to manage the move. Imlach Move Management extends beyond our office buildings to include every van operator, packer or service provider.


Quality You Can Count On

With Imlach Group as your corporate relocation company, you get a partner committed to quality and safety. Imlach Group is a perennial recipient of many industry awards including the Atlas Superior Packing Award, the Hauling Excellence Award and the Milton M. Hill Quality Award, awarded only to the elite agents who exceed 12 stringent quality guidelines ranging from driver safety to the overall customer satisfaction.

In 2010 the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) instituted the Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) 2010 Law to better identify high risk carriers and drivers and to apply a wider range of interventions to correct high risk behavior. As part of our commitment to quality and safety, we are proud to say that all Imlach Group drivers are 100% compliant with the new laws.

Few relocation companies offer these assurances. We do, because we are dedicated to your satisfaction. Customers of our corporate relocation services know Imlach lives up to its quality commitment.